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About Me

I'm Aloukik

Machine Learning Engineer

Hi, I'm Aloukik Aditya, an AI enthusiast from Toronto! Passionate about pushing the boundaries of Machine Learning and AI, I've developed innovative chatbots and finetuned cutting-edge models like stable diffusion XL. My journey includes enhancing AI ethics, working with top-tier GPUs, and mastering LLMs and Dall-e. With a decade in programming and significant experience in AI, I'm excited to explore and solve thrilling AI challenges. Let's connect and transform the future together! 🚀🌟

Name: Aloukik Aditya

phone : +1 905 906 0188

email : aloukikaditya@gmail.com

place : Toronto Ontario Canada

Skills & Tools


4+ years of Experience

TheUrbanWriters | May 2023 - Present

AI Software Engineer

  • Created Specialized ChatBot using Pinecone (RAG) for enhanced writing and Q&A capabilities.
  • Developed AI tools including a book summarizer, marketing tools, image and GIF generators, voice models, and automated bots.
  • Enhanced AI ethics and intelligence with Nvidia Nemo guardrails.
  • Fine-tuned various AI models using LORA PEFT.
  • Developed an algorithm for unlimited chat memory without a vector database.
  • Deployed serverless custom container for llama13b using Vertex AI prediction (GCP) and Torchserve.

Tiger Analytics (Consulting) | Jan 2022 - May 2023

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Developed an ROI engine for PepsiCo, focusing on marketing efficiency and investments.
  • Implemented NLP for sentiment analysis in product reviews.
  • Optimized machine learning models using various techniques.
  • Created a dashboard for Zebra Technologies to analyze PDF contracts with OCR and Huggingface transformers.

Solaris Robots (Healthcare) | June 2021 - Jan 2022

Computer Vision Engineer

  • Worked on AI-powered robots for healthcare, focusing on infection control.
  • Developed computer vision projects including hand detection and grocery inventory management.
  • Optimized existing machine learning code for faster model inferencing.
  • Deployed computer vision models to cloud platforms for scalability and performance enhancement.

Google (Internship) | Jun 2020 - Aug 2020


  • Increased YouTube engagement by 10% using a hybrid ML model.
  • Utilized TensorFlow and PyTorch for model development and optimization.
  • Presented model performances to senior stakeholders.

Fanshala | May 2018 - Sept 2019

Machine Learning Engineer (Adtech)

  • Developed an LDA-based topic modeling system for targeted advertising.
  • Implemented preprocessing of HTML pages and data imputation using KNN.
  • Predicted bounce rate using various statistical models.
  • Containerized machine learning models for enhanced efficiency.

IIM (Internship) | Jan 2018 - Feb 2018

Data Scientist Intern

  • Performed customer segmentation using K-means clustering for targeted marketing.
  • Conducted exploratory data analysis revealing key insights and anomalies.

Research and Projects

Collision Detection Research Paper

Published (SMC2021), cv algorithm to predict the accident with the nearby vehicle using single camera.

Determine Medicine Efficacy (NLP)

Used a review of a customer to predict the sentiment of the user for that drug, which will indicate the user response to it – positive, negative, or neutral.

Student Score Predictor (MLops)

created a student score predictor with a Flask interface, following MLOps best practices, and utilizing AWS, Docker, MLflow, and GitHub Actions.

Pushups / Bicep Curl Counter

Personal portfolio website. Don't need much info about it, just scroll down. You're here only!

Optical Flow using traditional CV

Developed a vehicle tracking program that utilizes optical flow technology, allowing for the simultaneous tracking of multiple vehicles.


Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

Masters in Computer Science

Lakehead University | Thunder Bay Canada

2019-2021 | Completed

Bachelors in Computer Science

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University | MSIT

2014-2018 | Completed

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